« Redde Caesari quae sunt Caesaris » : Pride & Gratefulness towards the Inspirers is the first step of entrepreneurs

« Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s »  [Matthew 22:21]

And of course, my Caesar is the ex-Apple evangelist, VC (venture capitalist), well-known blogger and motivational guru Guy Kawasaki!


How a Japanese American, born in Honolulu and living in the Silicon Valley could be a Caesar for me (a French guy, born in a small town, lost in the middle of vineyards)?

In simple words, he is THE guy (easy!) who gave me the red pill!

Yes, Guy Kawasaki is my Morpheus! Except for shirts, Sorry, Guy!


He forced me to see the reality and everyday, confronted to each decision I make – and I have a lot to make between my soon-to-be-launched enterprise (I will come back to you on that, soon!), pitches for VCs (for me and the others I support), business-plans and strategies to define, methodologies to implement, etc – my first question is

“What will Guy Kawasaki do?”
And I take a deep breathe, then, I cut bla-bla on slides, I re-think pitches to be sharp and brilliant, I propose mantras to the start-ups I coach and hundreds of other ideas GK inspires me!
Don’t forget: he is the Guy with the Golden Touch!

So, first step on the I.I.E.S. Theory: Thank you, Guy! (For the past, the present and the future…)
Then, I strongly recommend to read his “A practical blog for impractical people” : How to Change the World and to follow him on Twitter (@GuyKawasaki) and to check his books (such as Reality Check, The Art of Start… I will review them in future posts) and to go and say hi (Shaq’s style) to him at one of his presentations

And now, for a Funny Friday, do you know that this guy above, has his name which is enter in the dictionary such as Google, Xerox….(Thanks to Urban Dictionary)

E.g. in a small garage, two young guys in jeans and Star-Trek tee-shirts :

– « Dude. My blog got totally kawasakied today! »

His blog has been what?


Which means : to have your blog linked to or acknowledged by someone famous like Guy Kawasaki who totally kicks ass, but if you told your mom about it she’d be like “Huh? What’s a blog? Hey, is that the guy who invented the motorcycle?”

So, I hope (in a strong way) that The IIES Theory, will be soon kawasakied!

Il faut toujours un premier post…


« Quoi que tu rêves d’entreprendre, commence-le. L’audace a du génie, du pouvoir, de la magie”  [Johann Wolfgang von Goethe]

Par ces quelques mots, j’ouvre ce blog, qui parlera, comme vous l’avez bien compris, avant tout d’entrepreneuriat, de challenges, de gestion, de projets, d’entreprises sous toutes ses formes (web, industrielles, artistiques, sociales…) mais également de passions personnelles, d’incroyables et prometteurs invités, d’artistes étincelants et magiques…

Ce blog sera un melting-pot de mes réflexions, pensées, conseils, expériences et anecdotes, tirés de ma vie passée, présente et future d’entrepreneur, de gestionnaire, de professeur, de lecteur, de dénicheur…

Ce blog sera parfois en français, parfois en anglais, parfois dessiné…

Ce blog sera bien entendu lié, avant tout, à mes activités d’entrepreneur et de « coachs » de start-ups…

This blog is an invitation to OPEN UP (yes, I know, like the well-known coffee!)
Come on, guys, for your own pleasure…


But if you follow the lyrics, you will find some interesting thoughts, specially for an entrepreneur!

You can be rich
With no money to spend,
You can do everything
When you understand…

Open up…

Erase all the borders
And start in your head.
Open your mind
Open your eyes

Open up…

Et bien entendu, le propre de tout entrepreneur est de s’ouvrir au monde, pour s’enrichir, pour s’épanouir, pour se transformer et transformer l’environnement qui l’entoure!

Donc, bienvenue et surtout OPEN UP, OPEN UP!